MAKEUP make us creative and Happy – Collab with Beautiesquad


Haiii Guyzzz This is My First time to writing about Makeup.. and its not review… because I do some of my makeup on video in my instagram. Truthfully i have no idea to writing this, but because beautiesquad challenge me and all my friends in the below… so here i am…

The makeup theme this month is “Happiness Makeup Collaboration”, first time i have no idea what i have to do. So i just grab my makeup tools and start to make up .

When my makeup going to finish i just think, i need more creative so i add some cute Love detail. So when it finished I called this Happines is Love and to be loved Fantasy makeup. I know it really longest tittle for makeup look i think.


  1. I applied my skincare as usual. And last is light moisturizer from haruharu and smooth miracle primer from Maxfactor
  2. And then i used Foundation super stay shade 220 natural beige (this is best foundation i ever used) from Maybelline dap-dap with beautyblender
  3. Move to eyebrow, i just filled the empty space on myeyebrow lil bit with jigsaw eyebrow pencil shade Ash black from essau beaute
  4. Conceal and shape of my eyebrow with HD liquid precision concealer from catrice , also to conceal my undereye and my acnescars with brush and blend the rest with beauty blender
  5. I do my eyeshadow with the city mini pallete Urban Jungle maybelline with mostly greenish smoked colors with their brush
  6. Blushhh OONNNNN with literally PINK I used shade Chantal Pink 03 from Ivan Gunawan cosmetic
  7. I brush my Highlighter with citymini pallete to highlight my nose and cheekbone
  8. I drew eyeliner with heart shape with essau beaute pen eyeliner with their precision pen.
  9. Gloss lip i used Strawberry cocktail Ivan Gunawan cosmetic and add some lipgloss on top with holy lip polish luna from Looke cosmetic
  10. And then i used mascara L’oreal lash paradise
  11. Last I add some detail with… ok its not good to use it, really but i can find anything to draw white detail anddd then I used Tip-Ex kenko correction pen yeshh its non makeup tool and dangerous to use it. (After use it just a moment i took photo and then I immediately remove my makeup before my face burn, it really does i feel burn and itch also tingly. And after that my face turn out red. I immediately use extra treatment after that to soothing my face. So its stupidity thing i ever do in my makeup)


For me Makeup is Happiness because its limitless and various possibility to create literally ANYTHING. it make us More creative and enjoy the Journey, hours by hours we can feel joy and calm. I usually do my makeup is simple and korean look but sometimes lil challenge yourself will not bite.

Heiii my friend in here do normal Happiness beautifull Makeup too here Dniellachristie

Need another makeup inspiration ? Here is it …..

And Last Thankyou BEAUTIESQUAD for The New Journey about Blog makeup collaboration at this month.

Thankyou so much for reading this post, i’ll see you on my next post… 😊😊


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  1. @nariskadestiana says:

    uwuuuu keren bgt kak
    cute 🙂 😍


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