Hai guys if you know me so well, I have such a problem with sleep. its Insomnia, usually i sleep around 5 a.m. but with this kind of a few small thing and help with multivitamin i can sleep well now.

so here it is a few tips for me how to fix your badhabit of sleep.

  1. Stay Away from Gadget
  2. Turn Off The Light
  3. Make sure you have comfortable position
  4. Comsumption multivitamin

its not good to take a pills of drugs so in here its not drug but multivitamin/suplement from SWISSE Made in Australia.

It have BIG sturdy bottle packaging and very hygiene sealed. Swisse Ultiboost sleep is suplement for boost our sleep quality so we can do activity better and have so much more energy.
It is an advanced formula containing magnesium, herbs, including valerian which helps to relieve nervouse tension and ease natural sleep. So its not DRUGS OR MEDICINE, as long we consume according to measure it save to consume and not cause dependance.
π‘΄π’š π‘»π’‰π’π’–π’ˆπ’‰π’•
After 2 week i consume it really helps me a lot for faster to fall asleep, it takes 1 or 2 hours after i consumed to fall asleep.
eventually i sleep around 5 a.m but now i can sleep around 1 a.m. and woke up with full energy and fresh and Ready for the day.
Sometimes i skip the day not consumed this but its not make me dependency or anything. But size of this pills is kinda big so make sure to have drink a lot water after drink this. It smelly like herbs and taste like herbs i think its tasteless.neither bitter or sugar but thats okay since we just swallow it.
And good news is I have Discount Code for you guys to buy this at i’ll put LINK ON MY BIO so you can go to there and use my code “SWISSE610” .

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  1. Dhimas says:

    Boleh ni di kasih ke temen yang susah banget tidur


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