How to get rid of eye bags and dark circles | Cara menghilangkan mata panda


hi guys welcome back here, today i wanna share about how to get rid of eye problems such a eye bags, dark circle, wrinkle even fine lines and puffiness with using some products you can found at nearest drugstore or even utensil at your home.

Lets start from Eyecream, its basically is typical moisturizer for eyes area used for daily basis you using twice a day. Eye cream are formulated specifically for delicate skin around eyes, so they tend to be thicker and different than any moisturizer for face. so its important to have cream especially for eyes area, because some moisturizer for face perhaps for some reason believes can be causes for milia (milium) disease, its a small cyst tiny white bumps surface under the eyes. so please use eye cream, here i have some recomendation from the cheapest to premium eye cream : 

  • Joylab Eye on diet is local product which contain 20gr eye cream with price only IDR 80.000,- ( $5,09). its cheapest for whoever want to begin to try eyecream. its thick texture but feel lightweight on eyes but fast absorbing and not leave any leftover residue.
  • Raiku Eye serum is local product too which basically similiar like joylab but just in bigger size. its contain 30ml eye serum it called but from my experience it both taste same, with price only IDR 148.000,- ($9,44). 
  • from Premium section I have local product too but its more something good than two above. its Lacoco eye serum  it only have 15ml for price IDR 180.000,- ($11,48) but its worth the hype for me, for full review you can read in here.
  • and last its most expensive than three above but i have been using this since im not satisfied with the two cheapest one and its totally worth it. its Ginseng royal silk eye cream for only 25ml if im not mistaken it price around IDR 750,000,- ($47,61). 

For me if i have enough budget to buy expensive one i would buy it definetely, because since i experience them, its totally different result with the cheapest and expensive and very much worth it to have them, but its up to you instead for choosing but choose wisely if you have enough it would be worth for invest to eye cream but also *disclaimer its different result to any others skin.


After daily basis we move to Weekly routine for eyes area. usually once or twice a week i used Eye patch/mask, its similiar like sheetmask but eyepatch usually using ingredient called hydrogel mask, its kinda like coconut meat but more gelly-ish texture. Eye patch/mask are designed to help with the most common under eyes problems  by placing them directly on the under eyes area. it helps to cooling skin, reduce inflammation, moisturize, and tightening. Its not must to do it, but it really calming & relaxing. i have some recomendation from cheapest one its guardian eyepatch it price IDR 12.500,- ($0,80) for single used. but if i have count SNP Ruby nutrition eye patch is IDR 250,000 for 30x used, its cheaper isn’it? but its like buy bundle, but i experience different. SNP one is more firming than the other one.

TOOLS for eyes treatment

Type tool for eye thats been said to decrease puffiness and under eye circles and wrinkle by gentle pressure or while rolling the tool. first one its the cheapest one, utensil you can found at your kicthen. its silver spoons, put it in your fridge from a moment and placing on your eyes area, give gentle pressure for a second. doing it while elevate your head or doing some yoga. let it off until it warm. second its Jade Roller or in here i have rose quartz roller – for skin sake, it solid jade stones was made a paint roller shape made for beauty tools. its quite famous around skincare enthusiast, its good ritualistic feeling. it does do more cooling effect and relaxing also it can be used along with eyepatch or serum. but the price is IDR 380.000,- ($25). its quite expensive but its okay if you don’t have it, it just for cooling and relaxing better but im not really recomend if you invest with this . its good product don’t get me wrong, i really enjoyed this. but for some reason its not really needed.

Last but not least, key for reduce dark circle and eyebag is definetely cathing up on SLEEP well and healthy habit ofcourse.

Thats it, Thankyou so much for reading this post, i’ll see you on my next post… 😊😊

(-)Disclaimer post is based on my personal experience.

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